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To provide leadership and strategic direction to grow a productive value driven professional construction industry.

    The Construction Strategy Group’s functions are:
  • Engaging with Ministers, officials and other key players on high-level cross-cutting issues that relate to the construction industry;
  • Determining strategic goals and priorities of the industry;
  • Securing funding to develop, adopt, implement and manage a Work Programme that addresses the industry‘s strategic goals and priorities;
  • Overseeing and facilitating the provision of input into other/existing workstreams not driven by the CSG – e.g. the Building Act Review;
  • Ensuring that industry stakeholders are well informed about the activities of the CSG and have an opportunity to contribute to its activities;
  • Monitoring the delivery of Work Programme outputs.
    Immediate priorities for the Construction Strategy Group include:
  • Assurance of quality construction of residential and commercial new builds.
  • Implementation of full cost-benefit analysis on existing and proposed new regulations proposed for the sector by central and local government prior to introduction.
  • Establishment of a practical and workable solution to provide greater security of payment for retentions held by participants in the construction contracts chain.
  • Encouragement of full central and local government agency commitment to use of the new 2015 Guidelines for Contracting Procurement prepared by the MBIE Centre of Expertise for Procurement following consultation with industry, including the CSG.
  • Ongoing work programmes to address the need for smoothing of the “Boom & Bust” industry cycle as identified in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Report of 2011.
  • Support for practicable measures the CSG considers workable to address the Housing Affordability Issue as identified in Auckland.
  • Supportive engagement with the training sector to encourage new steps that will increase the number of skilled recruits across the full spectrum of industry activities.

The formation of the Construction Strategy Group in May, 2010 was welcomed by the then Minister of Building and Construction, Maurice Williamson. “This group presents an opportunity for the industry to present a thoughtful and united response to challenges facing the construction industry,” he said.

The Minister recognised that the CSG was formed in response to a representational gap identified by two Industry Task Forces set up by the Government to address industry issues. Establishment of the group followed considerable work on its structure and composition, he said. This work included an industry organised conference in Auckland at which some 75 participants identified issues facing the industry and more than 15 executives volunteered for service on a group – the CSG – which might be set up to address them.

The initial Chairman of the CSG was Richard Aitken, Chair of BECA Group, one of the largest employee-owned engineering consultancy groups in the Asia-Pacific Region. Mr Aitken remained as Chairman through until early 2015 when he was succeeded by Geoff Hunt, Managing Director of Hawkins Construction.